Centenary Snippets

May – Lennox Head Community and Cultural Centre

LENNOX HEAD COMMUNITY AND CULTURAL CENTRE was opened by Ballina Shire Council Mayor Phil Silver and Federal Member for Richmond, Justine Elliott on 20 May 2011. It was the outcome of dedicated community action, endless committees, delays, plans and changes dating back to 1925 plus the 2010 replacement of architects. In 2016 the facility was reinvigorated with the launch of Park Lane Theatre.

Compiled by R Hargrave. Source: LHHC Images LHHC


May – The Silent Cop

THE SILENT COP at Ballina and Byron Streets intersection was approved for installation by Tintenbar Shire Council in May 1958. The road was sealed around the same time. Our silent cop, traffic dome or sleeping policeman remains one of the very few still gracing roadways, as around the 1980s they were deemed hazardous to motor cyclists, removed and often replaced by traffic lights.

Source: LHHC Photo: LHHC collection

May – Ripcurl Lennox Longboarders One Dayer

RIP CURL LENNOX LONGBOARDERS ONE DAYER surfing contest will be held for the first time on 15 May this year with vantage points from Lennox Park, hosted by Lennox Longboarders and the Healthy Minds Club. It attracts longboard aficionados from the east coast of Australia and replaces the Lennox Longboard Classic which was surfed since 1997 on the first weekend of August until 2019, after which impacts of COVID-19 necessitated cancellation.

Sources and images: LHHC

May – Country Womens Association

LENNOX HEAD COUNTRY WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION (CWA) formed in 1946 and began major fund raising to buy two blocks of land at the corner of Ross Street and Pacific Parade and construct their first hall by 1959. They continued diligently fund raising and on 27 April 1967, opened the hall’s first extension. Benefits they brought to the village by persistent campaigns were pedestrian crossings, a school bus, doctor, chemist and lifesaver, flood warning signs, public telephones, mail delivery and Neighbourhood Watch.

Compiled by R Hargrave Source: LHHC Photo: First extension opening LHHC

April – COVID-19

COVID-19. We first heard of coronavirus in overseas countries but by April 2020, COVID-19 affected even Lennox Head. The beach pavilion, kiddies’ playgrounds, picnic tables and Pat Morton lookout were taped off with the Cultural Centre a drive-through testing centre. Since, serious impacts on health, society, tourism, businesses, families, medical and educational facilities have become all too apparent. Posted by R Hargrave

Source and photos: LHHC.

April – Lennox Head Landcare

LENNOX HEAD LANDCARE’S first written record of a working bee is dated 14 April 1999 with Hilary Wilson who was later joined by Sue Williams, Lisa King and Malcolm Milner. A major undertaking was regeneration of the decimated site at Boulder Beach after rutile sandmining in the 1960s. From community plantings initiated by Ballina Environment Society in the 1980s, dedicated work by Landcare, Council and Southern Cross University is a tribute to all involved.

Source: LHHC. Photos: LHHC – 1960s Boulder Beach after sandmining. 2017 rewilding Boulder Beach.

April – The Rocklea Cheese Factory

THE ROCKLEIGH CHEESE FACTORY was originally built by the Ainsworth family, north of Lake Ainsworth around 1910. Closed for some years, on 3 April 1935 it was officially opened and ‘The Northern Star’ of 8 April 1936 reported ‘J Ainsworth’s Rockleigh Cheese factory was second with 93.9 points in the “continuous grading of cheese section”’ at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show.

Source: LHHC. Photos: The Northern Star 29.01.1936

April – Lennox Head Bowling Club

LENNOX HEAD BOWLING CLUB received approval from Tintenbar Shire Council in March 1960 for a 21 year lease for the site marked by Lennox, King, Gibbon and Stewart Streets. The land was donated by developers of Lennox Head Estate for the 1924 auction as Recreation Reserve, although it was 1956 until found as not officially transferred to Council.

Source: LHHC. Photo: Early 1960s Bowling Club and Bark Hut LHHC B5;2

April – Early Surfers

EARLY SURFERS. In March 1958 Barry Regan and Peter Bannister are believed to be (two of) the first to surf at Lennox, in front of the now Lennox Hotel. The wooden boards they used were large, heavy, cumbersome constructions. Of course by the early 1960s the word was out and Lennox identified as a surfing mecca.

Source: LHHC Image: c2016 Barry Regan photo by Barry Cheadle