Origin of the ‘old grey house’ at the Bream Hole can be traced to 1964.  Number 46 Dress Circle Drive has had six owners.  One of the initial group of four at the cul de sac, the house is arguably the most iconic, retaining its original structure.

Some alterations have been incorporated and the house is now less visible due to a tangle of vegetation.  It has been dwarfed by its neighbour at number 44.

Known over the years as ‘Garry Williams’ party house’, ‘Murph’s’ and now ‘Brocky’s’ after successive owners and residents, the location affords a vantage spot to watch over and observe activities at The Point.


Current owners, Jacobsens, Medhursts and Hargraves are conscious of preserving this landmark in close to original condition, to the extent that they are of the view the external paint was applied in the 1970s and have no plans to update it.

They treasure the characteristic nature of the site with its proximity to the renowned surf break at the Point, snorkelling in the Bream Hole, scenic walks over the Headland and unrestricted views along Seven Mile Beach.


‘Our families and friends have grown up here with the freedom to enjoy the best Lennox has to offer,’ Peter Jacobsen said.  ‘It’s a simple beach house which makes our time here even more special.  The experiences and memories this lifestyle have given us are priceless’.

Sources: Photos: 1. N Trevellion, Lennox Head Heritage Committee, F1892, 1967, 2. and 3. Robyn Hargrave.

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