May – Ripcurl Lennox Longboarders One Dayer

RIP CURL LENNOX LONGBOARDERS ONE DAYER surfing contest will be held for the first time on 15 May this year with vantage points from Lennox Park, hosted by Lennox Longboarders and the Healthy Minds Club. It attracts longboard aficionados from the east coast of Australia and replaces the Lennox Longboard Classic which was surfed since 1997 on the first weekend of August until 2019, after which impacts of COVID-19 necessitated cancellation.

Sources and images: LHHC


April – Early Surfers

EARLY SURFERS. In March 1958 Barry Regan and Peter Bannister are believed to be (two of) the first to surf at Lennox, in front of the now Lennox Hotel. The wooden boards they used were large, heavy, cumbersome constructions. Of course by the early 1960s the word was out and Lennox identified as a surfing mecca.

Source: LHHC Image: c2016 Barry Regan photo by Barry Cheadle