Centenary Snippets

March – The Playgroup Cottage

THE PLAYGROUP COTTAGE Cottage was closed overnight in February 2007 due to asbestos concerns. The quaint, colourful cottage was moved from the waterfront to Williams Reserve in the 1980s and was used also by sports players. Council identified an alternate Playgroup site with a designated Children’s Area included in the Cultural Centre constructed in 2011.

Source: LHHC Photo: LHHC collection F1;601


March – All Girls Surfriders

ALL GIRLS SURFRIDERS Inc’s first Club round was in February 1992 and celebrates 30 years this year. It was established to support local surfing women and girls to gain experience in competitive surfing and has strong ties with the Mid North Coast Club, after hosting the All Girls Surf Showdown for many years attracting competitive Australian surfers. Some families now have three generations surfing locally.

Source: LHHC Photo: N Grono Logo:

February – Original Tennis Club

The last meeting of original tennis club occurred in February 1967. Tennis was popular in Lennox with at least two private courts, one being on the seafront adjacent to Mrs Mac’s flats (Ross Park) before finally succumbing to the ocean in the ‘50s. The community constructed new courts by 1959 on bushland at the northern edge of Williams Reserve.

Source: LHHC Image: C1930s LHHC D3;5

January – A Day at the Beach

In the early 1900s a day at the beach was all about staying covered and not showing too much flesh. In the 1920s, daring souls commenced wearing neck-to-knee knitted swimsuits. However, that was strictly for bathing, with day clothes quickly donned once out of the water.

Source: LHHC. Image: New Years Day 1932, LHHC F1:W1.

January – Lennox Head Residents Assoc

The Residents’ Association had its origins on 1 January 1925 when a handful of residents met in Hutley’s shop to agitate for a public hall. Thirty-seven years later, Tintenbar Shire Council upgraded the previous tennis club house in Mackney Lane and Lennox Head had its first public community hall.

Source: LHHC, Photo: 1990s The Community Hall, LHHC F1;646

January – North Creek Public School

From 1878, North Creek residents campaigned for a school, which was constructed in January 1882 at the western end of Henderson Lane close to North Creek – the principal transport avenue. Its location was problematical with damp and rot requiring reconstruction by 1897 on North Creek Road, just south of Henderson Lane

Sources: LHHC. Images: 1904 NCPS and Residence, North Creek Road from LH Public School Centenary Booklet; NCPS 1929 LHHC F1;Y3-2

February – Lennox National Surfing Reserve

Lennox National Surfing Reserve, an area from the south side of Flat Rock north to the Lennox Alstonville Surf Club, was officially recognised in February 2008. It is acknowledged by National Surfing Reserves Australia and the NSW Department of Lands as iconic and of ‘environmental, cultural and historical significance to the Australian surfing culture’.

Source: LHHC Images: By R Hargrave, V Leto